On a Crunchy Turk’y Club

20170510_193207I’m not sure I’ve ever had an actual turkey club sandwich.  I haven’t had red meat since I was 14, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the type of sandwich I’d have eaten when I was younger than that.  For whatever reason, I recently found the inspiration to give a try at a vegan alternative to this commonly found diner favorite.

Now, I didn’t want to go the traditional route.  I could have easily slapped some faux bacon on some Tofurky or LightLife slices.  However, it was Gardein’s Turk’y Cutlet that inspired me to make this sandwich.

I started out by baking the cutlets.  The directions suggest a prolonged baking20170510_194538 experience is necessary, but I’ve found that with Gardein products it’s possible to speed up the process by cooking them in a toaster at 425-450 degrees (Fahrenheit).

While cooking the cutlets, prep the lettuce, and tomato.  There’s not much prep there, but the bacon will cook quickly, so it’s best to have it all ready to assemble up front.  I also like my sandwiches with a pickle slice whenever I have tomato and lettuce.  Again, no real prep, but worth getting ready.

Though a bun might be more appropriate for a sandwich with Turk’y cutlets, I prefer a couple of slices of toasted whole wheat bread.  Vermont Bread Company makes some great, easy to find breads.  I enjoy their whole wheat sour dough.  A few of their breads include honey, so check for that if you try a different flavor.

20170510_194625For the bacon, I rely on my standard sandwich option which is Upton’s Naturals excellent seitan bacon.  Three slices make it into my sandwich.  These strips cook, and crisp quickly.  I put the heat up a bit, and get them crisp to the just-prior-to-burned stage.

During the final few minute of heating the turk’y, I toast the bread along with the cutlets. For dressing, I use Follow Your Heart’s reduced fat Veganeise.   Unless your really 20170510_194719slathering on the spread, any vegan mayo should do.  I also use Follow Your Heart’s American style cheese, which is among the best slices on the market today.

Finally, it’s time to stack.  I was a little adventurous, and put two cutlets into my sandwich.  There’s about 130 calories each, so it’s worth it to get the extra 11g of protein.  Put some bacon between the cutlets, and the rest on top of the top cutlet.  Top with the cheese, pickle, tomato, and lettuce.  It’s a messy sandwich, but it’s delicious.




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