On a Quick and Easy Omelet

Perhaps the biggest advantage to living in the Boston, MA area is the abundance of vegan food options.  From restaurants, to grocery stores, eating plants is pretty easy in Beantown.

20170205_121453One of my favorite restaurants is Veggie Galaxy, which is a vegetarian diner right outside of Boston, in Cambridge.  Veggie Galaxy used to make a tofu omelet that was simply amazing.  Sadly, they changed the recipe and now use a rice-based recipe, which while good, is not as bold a flavor.

I’ve also made baked tofu omelets as designed by the Happy Herbivore in her excellent books.  Though those are quite good, there’s a bit of effort involved, and the convenience just isn’t the same as the most recent addition to the plant-based egg world.

Follow Your Heart’s VeganEgg is brilliant.  I’ve written about it once before.   While it’s certainly a simple, easy option for a scramble, I find an omelet to be a better use for this wonderful yellow powder.

There isn’t much to say in the way of preparation.   Mix cold water with the vegan egg.  Two tablespoons of the powder will yield one egg.  So for an omelet, you’ll definitely20170205_121936 want to double up – or even triple if you’re feeling hungry.  Though two gives a good yield.

You’ll want to make sure you have a good sized frying pan.  An 8″ round pan or so should do.  Heat the pan at medium with some oil spray.  When it’s warm, spread the VeganEgg mixture evenly across the pan.  The VeganEgg doesn’t burn easily.  So you don’t have to worry about charring your base – though maybe I just haven’t waited long enough.

For fillings, it’s a good practice to cook some of the insides in a separate pan, and have them about ready to go when you are ready.   I like mushrooms, a dark, leafy green, jalapeños, and some vegan cheese, usually Daiya.   Some Tofurky chorizo is also a great addition.

20170205_122009Not only does the VeganEgg not burn easily, but it also doesn’t have to be flipped the as does a standard egg omelet.  The VeganEgg heats through more like a cake, than eggs.  It cooks from the bottom, through the top.

When it’s solid, fill it and fold it.  I like a good hot sauce on my omelets, and I recommend that if you try one.  The VeganEgg isn’t a richly flavored egg substitute, so eating as an omelet, definitely season it for a bolder taste.

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