On Unboxing the Beyond Burger Part 2

My first time enjoying the Beyond Burger, I didn’t want to stack the space between the bun with much more than a slice of vegan cheese, and some ketchup.  I wanted to experience twp-1490450038199.jpghe taste as close to out of the box as I could.  With some rolls still in my fridge, I decided that I’d give the burgers another try with some more toppings.

My standard veggie burger setup usually involves at minimum, mushrooms, and vegan cheese.  For a fuller experience, I like to add pickles, onions, and some faux bacon.  For this meal, I decided to stack these burgers high.

There are a lot of options for the faux bacon out there.   Tempeh based options from Tofurky and Lightlife are quite good for mock BLTs, or even breakfast sides.  But for a burger, the thickness, and texture of tempeh just isn’t right.

That leaves two different options – Sweet Earth’s incredible Benevolant Bacon, or wp-1490450002569.jpgUpton’s Naturals seitan bacon.  Upton’s tends to be my preferred option for a good faux BLT.  Their smaller, lower calorie strips give you a little more flavor by offering more surface area for the same caloric footprint.

For burgers, I prefer the full taste of Sweet Earth’s benevolent bacon.  Couple that with some shitake mushrooms, and some onions, and success.  Second impressions live up to the first.

Throw in some pickles, onions, and ketchup, and near perfection.


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