On Unboxing the Beyond Burger

I finally found it.  The Beyond Burger by Beyond Meat.  One of the two vegan burgers that bleeds.  My local Whole Foods just started carrying this delicious mix of science and nature.  Still digesting, I figured it’s the best time to report on this new edible experience.

The packaging starts the experience.  It sets it apart from the average veggie burger.  Though my local Whole Foods stocked the Beyond Burger with other vegan proteins, the package would clearly feel right at home in the meat section.

wp-1489287311942.jpgIt’s a strange experience, being a vegan, and opening a plant based burger that looks, and even feels, like raw meat.  It reminded me of being in Eindhoven, The Netherlands where a few years back I found a vegetarian version of raw beef lunch meat.  Vegan tartare I believe it was, but it had “America” in the the title somehow.

Anyway, back to the Beyond Burger.  This plant patty cooks like meat.  It juices up in a way that isn’t just water hemorrhaging out of a frozen bean burger.  The smell is not that of a soy burger either.  I can’t say it’s beefy, but it’s not like your average vegetarian puck.  This thing cooks like meat.

Three minutes on each side is the recommendation on the box.  I neededwp-1489287292641.jpg a little longer for my burgers.  I was expecting the red to cook out more quickly, but that didn’t seem to be an inevitability.  The cooked result looked more like a medium-rare beef patty.  Of course, I haven’t had red meat since 1990, so I could be way off here.

I wanted to enjoy my first Beyond Burger experience without too many frills, so I went with just Follow Your Heart’s near perfect provolone cheese, and a sandwich pickle.  I went with a sesame bun, which was all Whole Foods had in stock here in Cambridge, MA.

Taste.  It was wp-1489287336252.jpgkind of amazing.  I have tried Beyond Meat’s burgers several times before.  Frozen, they’re really good.  Fresh from the package like the Beyond Burger, they’re kind of the best veggie burgers I’ve ever had.  And I’ve had them all…
It’s the texture.  The taste isn’t that much different than Beyond Meat’s Beastly Burger, but somehow, the texture changes everything.  If you can find this burger, buy this burger.  It’s really good.  Let’s just hope Tyson Foods doesn’t screw this company up for those of us who eat only plants.

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