On Buffalo Chick’n Wraps

I’ve mentioned before how fortunate I am to live not too far from Eat at Jumbo’s in Somerville, MA.  It’s a traditional, college-town, take out place that also happens to have an amazing vegan menu.  My go to order at Jumbo’s is the excellent Vegan Buffalo Bomb.

20170217_194806The inconvenience of driving in greater Boston is enough that I often avoid it at the expense of my favorite take out.  To that end, I’ve attempted to recreate this favorite sandwich at home.  It’s not quite the same, but it is close enough for jazz.

Jumbo’s offers the sandwich on a variety of breads.  I prefer a wrap – sometimes tomato, usually whole wheat.  My biggest challenge with this sandwich is that I’m terrible the wrapping part of making wraps.  Though that lack of skill is probably compounded by the fact that I prefer Whole Foods Whole Wheat tortillas, which are not really full wrap size.

As I do for my chik’n quesadillas, I start by shredding some mock chik’n.  Typically, I use my all around favorite Tofurky Slow Roasted Chick’n, but lately my local Whole Foods 20170217_195227hasn’t been carrying it.  So as an alternative, I’ll use Beyond Meat’s Lightly Seasoned Strips.

Full honesty, I have been avoiding Beyond Meat, because they recently took investment from the Tyson Foods.  It’s nothing new.  Most vegetarian/vegan foods companies are in bed with conglomerates, but Tyson is responsible for an incredible amount of needless suffering in this world.

OK, back to the food.  A bag of frozen strips is pretty low in calories (under 400 for the whole bag), and about right for a large wrap, or a couple of smaller wraps.  In a small food processor, pulse the strips until they’re about the consistency of shredded (vegan) Parmesan.  Of course, pulse to your preferred cut.

20170217_195406I’ve tried a number of sauces, and even attempted to make my own.  I’ve used a mixture of barbecue sauce, and hot sauce.  You can tune the sweet to heat ratio that way.  For off the shelf, I find Red Fork’s Windy City Wing Sauce to be a pretty good option.  Though, it isn’t appearing on Red Fork’s product list, and another site showed it as unavailable, so your mileage may vary.

This Red Fork option has the advantage of being one of few wing sauces available that I’ve found to be wit20170217_200217hout honey.  The whole bag of sauce is a bit too much for a single bag of shredded chick’n.  I use about half.  I stir it into the chick’n before heating.  Transfer to a pan, heat, and that part is done.

For fixings, I like keep it simple.  Lettuce.  Tomato.  Pickle.  One addition I do make is to
add Organicville’s insanely good Non-dairy Ranch.  Definitely check out their line of vegan dressings.  They’re decadent, but worth it.  The ranch compliments the wing sauce perfectly.

Finally, I (attempt to) wrap things up.  Usually I just settle for eating this sandwich like a poorly constructed taco.  Simple, yet delicious.

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