On a Salad with Wings

Salad.  It seems such an obvious choice for a vegan.  Lettuce.  Beans.  Other plants.  Done. While that might be standard fare for a side salad, sometimes one wants something a little more savory.  Something (as Red Bull might say) with wings, or in my case, with spicy wing sauce.

I’m fortunate to live in a metro area where vegan food is readily available at both restaurants, and grocery stores.  One of my favorite options, is a take out joint in Somerville, MA, USA named Eat at Jumbo’s.  Jumbo is the mascot of nearby Tuft’s University.  Jumbo’s is a traditional sandwich, and pizza shop, with a rather extraordinary vegan and vegetarian menu.

My favorite sandwich at Jumbo’s is the Vegan Buffalo Mock Chick’un.  This sandwich cis flavored with a moderately spicy wing sauce, with vegan ranch.  I’ve recreated it at home a few times, and will write about that experience next time I do.  For this post, I’ll be sharing a simple, yet savory salad that was inspired by that sandwich.

The underpinnings of the salad itself are nothing special.  I’m a fan of red lettuce, which is pictured above.  Carrot, mushrooms,20170111_182129 cucumber, tomato, and baked tofu are included. But it’s Tofurky’s exceptional Slow Roasted Chick’n that makes this salad special.

Ever since I discovered this product, I’ve been adding it to salads, soups, and wraps.  It is, in my opinion, among the very best of mock meats.  It’s delicious cold, or hot.  It is versatile.  It’s lightly seasoned, and easily flavored.

Now adding mock chicken to a salad isn’t that interesting.  But when heat that same mock chicken in a pan, along with some super spicy wing sauce, it’s a totally different game.

Thankfully, Jumbo’s started selling its own sauces, and I took a bottle home.  20170111_220000This sauce is hot.  It’s made with ghost peppers, for good measure.  I cook up just enough to spread the flavor.  Obviously, any spicy wing sauce will do, but for me, the spicier the better.

To balance that heat, I also include a bit of vegan ranch.  My local Whole Foods has recently started selling Organicville’s non-dairy ranch, which is just excellent.  20170111_182153Hillary’s Chia ranch is also a good option here.

While salad might not seem like the most interesting omnivorous meal to make vegan, there are a lot of mock meat options to turn a healthy salad into  a not-so-guilty pleasure.




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